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Frequently asked questions 

1. What approach or program is being used and how is it different than instruction in the normal classroom?
The approach used is called Orton-Gillingham and it is a broader term used to refer to instruction in phonics and morphology that is explicit (concepts are taught explicitly), systematic (the contents introduced are from simple to complex and one is built upon another), multi-sensory (involvement of more senses). Instruction in the OG approach is tailored to the individual need of the student, no new concept is introduced before the student shows good mastery and understanding of the old concept and the concepts taught are always revisited to ensure storage in the long-term memory and automatization. In pure OG, the tutor has the liberty to establish or adjust the sequencing, the activities and the pace. In short, there is no prescribed curriculum but there is a common guideline. We prefer to use a program called the Barton Reading and Spelling program, which is O.G. based. 


2. How long will my child have to do tutoring? 

Typically, a child 10 years + with mild to moderate dyslexia, without severe ADHD and other underlying deficits that would slow down progress (poor working memory, slow processing speed, poor orthographic memory) would finish the program in approximately 2 years with a twice per week instruction schedule.  It is likely to take even longer for those who have a more severe form of dyslexia and/or have additional deficits or severe ADHD. 

3. If I hire you, do I have to commit to tutoring long term?

No, you do not. You can cancel tutoring any time, as long as you give reasonable notice. 




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